Five Family Summertime Games

Three cheers for summer!  I love our relaxed schedule in the summertime.  We learn things all year long, but we definitely ease off of formal school time during the summer to give ourselves some recharging time.  Not only do we all need a little break, but I also need some extra planning time before we officially kick off another homeschool year.

My kids are pretty good at entertaining themselves, but if they start to bust out with the “I’m bored!” bits, I like to have some handy dandy game ideas lurking in the back of my head to keep them busy.  It’s so fun that we all like to join in.  I’m convinced that grown-ups don’t play enough.  I have never regretted an hour spent playing out in the yard with my family.  Good times.

Here are five summertime games our whole family loves.  You should try ’em too.

  • Balloon Head:  Partner up and give each duo a balloon.  They have to get from the starting line to the finish line walking while carrying a balloon between their heads – no hands!


  • Egg Relay: Give each person a spoon and an egg at the starting line.  The goal is to carry your egg with your spoon all the way to the finish line the fastest.  No cheating.  You can’t use your hands to steady the egg.


  • Obstacle Challenge Course:  Gather any fun yard play items you can think of – balls, cones, hula hoops, scooters, bikes, wheelbarrows, frisbees, and whatever else you have around (you can see our fancy bouncy horse in the background . . . it was a hit item on our course).  Use the items to create a challenge course.  You’ll give instructions like – hula hoop at least ten rotations, kick a ball around the tree, swing on the swingset twenty times, go down the slide, wheel your partner in the wheelbarrow across to the cones, then throw the frisbee as far as you can.  You can do individual or team challenges (we like partnerships) and have everyone run the course.  Depending on how much equipment and how many people you have, you can either have one team go at a time and use a stopwatch to see who is fastest, or run the course all at once and see who finishes first.  We play this over and over again with different kids taking turns deciding on the challenges.


  • Sockhead: Every player begins by putting a knee-high nylon stocking over their head, like a hat with the end hanging down.  The object of the game is to be the last one standing with their sock still atop their head.  Everyone chases around and tries to pull off the socks.  If you lose your sock, you’re out.


  • Spider Tag: Whoever is “It” tries to tag all the runners.  When someone is tagged they hold hands to link up and try to catch the next person.  Each time someone is tagged they join the chain and help chase the remaining runners.  The last runner standing wins!


These games are great boredom busters that will keep the kiddos active and moving.  They also make terrific family nights.  Maybe you can even invite another family over to join in the summertime games and fun.

Do you have any favorite family games that keep everyone moving?  Leave a comment because we’re always searching out new ideas.  Also, come join us on social media . . . we’d love to get to know you.

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