Felt Shamrock Game

I’m re-entering the world of teaching a per-schooler after a few years without one. . . I had almost forgotten how much I love to teach this age.  My 3 year-old, Isabel, just seems to be delighted with the world.  She begs to have “letter lessons,” she pours over books of shapes, and pulling out a file folder game lights her eyes up like she hit the jackpot.  I love that the simplest little concepts and games are all new to her, and she is soaking it up like a sponge.  It’s also fun to watch the big kids want to join in on the fun.  Even though the games and activities are really juvenile for them, they beg to join in too.

We’re having lots of fun with shamrocks, heart shapes (with can make shamrocks when put together) and the colors green and gold all month too.

I found this simple little felt shamrock game over at Along The Way and decided to try it this month.  It’s giving Isabel great practice with colors and matching patterns.

We’ll be fingerpainting a leprechaun coloring sheet with green paint.

I’m using butterscotch candies and making a treasure hunt with the color gold.  Each butterscotch gold piece will have a simple clue attached and lead to a little pot o’ gold at the end.  Each clue will start with a letter of the alphabet she has learned so far.  Before I read her the clue, she will “read” the letter and tell me the sound it makes.

We’ll make this shamrock collage by creating the collage first with tissue paper, and then I will do the cutting out of the clover after the glue is dry.

We love playing Find The Lucky Clover.  You cut out a bunch of 3 leaf clovers and just one four leaf clover (or one for each kid who’s playing).  You spread them out all over the floor and the kids have to sift and sort through and spot the lucky four leaf clover.

We’ll be having a green breakfast of green milk, green scrambled eggs, green grapes, and green pancakes.

And though it looks like a lot of work, I’m seriously considering having a celebration of all she’s learned on St. Patrick’s Day by making this rainbow cake from Sew Dang Cute Crafts.

I love pre-school.

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  1. Jackie H. says:

    I love preschool too.. well at least teaching my preschooler :) You can do so much fun stuff and they buy into it so easily. I love the cake– but I don't know if I'm crafty enough to make it. I also really like the pattern matching game. We will definitely be trying that one. Thanks for all of your awesome ideas! Happy St. Pat's day!

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