Family Night Game: What’s Missing?

We have family night once a week at our house.  Everyone gathers to pray, sing, have a lesson, and play games together.  Sometimes there is plenty of time and thought put into our family nights, but other weeks, we fly by the seat of our pants.  At the very least, we’re spending time together and making great memories.  And a family night game is always a hit.

Here’s a simple family night game you can do together without any planning.  Have everyone sit in one room and select someone to be “It.”   That person goes into the kitchen and gets a cookie sheet or tray and places about 10 small items on it, then invites everyone to look at the tray for a few moments, then they must leave.   The person who is It removes one item from the tray and hides it (we use a little picnic basket with a lid that we own to hide the item).

What's Missing

Everyone comes back to the kitchen and tries to determine which item is missing.  The first person to guess which item is missing gets to be the next tray handler.  If no one can guess the item then It gets to take another item off and have them guess again until someone gets it.  Keep going until everyone has had a turn or two.

Another way to play is to have someone dress up in lots of things – a hat, silly socks, bracelets, scarves, wigs, big shirts or skirts, necklaces, boots, etc.  Then they take off one item and come back in the room to see if the crew can guess what’s missing!

Have a happy family night!

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