Family Night Nature Walk

Over the years we’ve discovered that family nights fail when they become too complex.  Going full boar every so often is fine, but if you’re really going to keep up with family night every week, you’re going to need to be a little easier on yourself.  Nothing is simpler than a nature walk!

For family night tonight, gather everyone up and go on a nature walk together.  It’s simple and takes no planning at all, but it will give your family a chance to get away from technology, talk to each other, and enjoy the great outdoors.  Even in a city or a neighborhood there is nature to be seen…clouds, birds, rocks, flowers, and trees.

Tips to Make Your Nature Walk Successful:

  • Turn off your cell phone.  Your kids will feel anything BUT important to you if you’re chatting and texting through family night.
  • Be observant.  Point things out to each other.  Notice things.  Put on your eagle eyes and really SEE the world.
  • Tell each person in your family something you like about them.  It doesn’t have to be a THING.  Just find a quiet way to compliment them.  We all need it, and none of us get positive feedback quite often enough.
  • Laugh together.  Tell jokes, share embarrassing moments, be goofy – it doesn’t really matter the format.  Just laugh together (but not AT each other.  Teasing isn’t fun.)

Our kids like to take along gallon sized Ziploc bags to collect things we see along the way.  Couple this simple activity with a little lesson about the creation of the world and having gratitude for nature’s blessings and you’ve got the perfect family night.  Well, “perfect” would probably include these cute earth cupcakes too.  Yum.

earth cupcakes

Happy family night everyone!

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