Family Night, Formal Night

Family schedules are crazy hectic these days.  Sometimes it can be hard to even get everyone together for dinner, but make the effort to set aside one night a week for family night.  We need that time to connect and be together without all the chaos getting in the way.

Tonight is formal night.  Set the table with your fancy dishes, make a big fancy dinner, and even get some sparkling cider to serve in long-stemmed glasses.  For me, the key to a fancy dinner is not what you serve as much as how you serve it.  Bring it out in courses – the salad course (even if the salad is jello), the main course, and then dessert.  Set the tone with background music and candles, and have everyone dress up.  Before dinner, raise a toast and highlight something special about each person in your family.  Tell them what you love about them or something you’re grateful for.  Let the dinner last long and be full of conversation.  Really enjoy one another.

Want to do something really cool to wow the fam?  Check out my friend, Melynie’s tutorial on how to fold napkins.

 Really beautiful, huh?  And it’s actually super simple.

Here’s to a great family night at your house!

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