Family Night: Animal Charades

family nightFor family night, play one of our favorite family night games – animal charades.  We love family night because it’s a time we set aside to focus on the most important people of our lives – each other.

We start with a song and a prayer.   We always run through our calendar for the week and coordinate plans and rides and things.  Then we have a short lesson, sometimes taught by Mom or Dad, but just as often taught by one of our kiddos.  The lessons can be on anything from being a good friend to working hard for your goals, and everything in between.  After our lesson, we play a game.  We do things like hide and go seek, playing cards, a X-Box competition, or tricks on our trampoline.  And of course, we save the best part for last – the treat.  Our family nights are kept simple, because we can do simple.  If we try to make it too complicated we won’t follow through, and spending time together is the goal, not having extravagant evenings every once in awhile.

Animals Charades is a favorite at our house.  Our kids love it.  I guess it never gets old watching Mom pretend to be an elephant or seeing Dad’s best fish impression.  We have a little deck of cards they can draw from if they need an idea, or they can come up with an animal to act out all on their own.  Our littlest kids often need help coming up with an idea, so the cards show pictures so that even our non-readers can do it on their own.  We always start the round with silent charades, but if no one can guess the animal, we add in animal noises.  Whoever guesses right gets to be the next actor of course.

Here are some animal charades cards you can print out.  Laminate them if you want to keep the deck.

animal charades cards

Hope you have a really fun family night!

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