Family Day Trips

Every family needs family fun time. You need an outlet away from the mundane of everyday life. You also need a way to create happy family memories. Vacations are perfect for a memory-building escape, but we can’t all run off on vacations all the time. As often as we can, we try to find somewhere to go as a family just for the day. This past month we spent a day at an airshow. We got to climb inside of cool planes, see old war bombers, and watch an amazing Blue Angels Airshow. It was free, really fun, and will provide lasting memories.

Getting ready to watch the Blue Angels

Our necks were looking upward all day long.
As soon as you looked away from the sky you missed something!
Cool planes everywhere


Look around your community. Check your city’s website, look in the newspaper, and watch fliers at your local library and stores. There’s a lot going on in most communities if you take some time to look for it. If you really can’t find some event, make one! Go for a picnic, go play at the park, do a family service project, or tour a local business. City hall, the newspaper office, the fire station, and the post office usually love to show people around. What you do doesn’t matter nearly as much as just getting out an spending the day as a family.

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2 Responses to Family Day Trips

  1. kristina says:

    We have been on many outings to various businesses in our neighborhood including the fire station, police station, and City Hall. Unfortunately the Post Office had to cancel tours due to security reasons.

  2. Layers of Learning says:

    That’s awesome. One of the coolest places I took the kids in our town was the newspaper printing press. They got a tour and we all got to watch the huge presses run. It was loud and really awesome!

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