Dress Like A Celt

Dress Like a Celt. One piece of purely Celtic jewelry was the torc, a piece of worked and twisted metal worn around the neck. Both women and men wore them. You can make one out of pipe cleaners. Spray paint four pipe cleaners in metallic paint and let them dry. Or use metallic pipe cleaners. Twist or braid them together bending the ends into a ball. Wrap it around your neck. The two ends sit in front below your chin.

Add to your Celtic costume by wearing a long loose fitting brightly colored shirt and loose fitting pants. Tie a belt around your shirt. Wear a cloak in cool weather. If you are a boy, spike your hair with gel (Celts used lime, but you can stick with gel). If you are a girl, braid your hair. Warriors going into battle often used woad, a blue dye, to make patterns on their skin. Make some swirls and geometric patterns on your skin with blue face paint.

This and many other awesome activities can be found in Unit 1.17 of the Layers of Learning Curriculum.

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Additional Layers

  • Celts were from Europe and their culture flourished in the years before and during the Roman Empire.  What we know about them comes largely from the writings of Greeks and Romans, their enemies.  What would your enemies say about you?
  • Learn about woad, the blue body paint the Celts wore.
  • Sometimes Celts fought battles in the nude.  Supposedly their extremely well tuned physiques were pretty scary.
  • Usually the women and children were not involved in battles, but often they would form a shield line to the rear of their attacking men and if the battle went badly and the men were forced to retreat, the women would hem them in, stopping the retreat and help with the fighting.  Talk about supporting the troops!
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