Design Notebook

I have kept a design notebook for years. I just cut out pictures from magazines that I like and then when I’m ready to do a room, I look the pictures and decide what it is about them that I’m drawn to. Which colors are in the room? What materials are used? Are there a lot of patterns or textures? How crowded or austere is the room? What general style is used?

I organize my notebook according to rooms. All the kitchen pictures are together, kids bedrooms together, dining rooms together and so on.  I have a separate notebook for garden stuff.

My personal style tends to be country, which is good, because I live in the country. I like browns, blues, and reds. I love wood furniture and never buy particle board, cheapo stuff. I and my husband have finished all of our wood furniture ourselves. Most of it is in light tones, except for the living room, there we went dark. Some of the furniture is painted. I’m definitely a minimalist. I get stressed out if there are lots of doo-dads cluttering up the place. The only things I collect are children and books. And frankly, that’s plenty.

Try keeping a design notebook for any projects you are interested in around the place.  And the newest and easiest design notebook is Pinterest.  You can follow Layers of Learning on Pinterest and get ideas for your home, family, and homeschool.  We’d love to follow you too.  Leave us a comment with your tag so we can find and follow you!

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5 Responses to Design Notebook

  1. Dakotapam says:

    I collect children and books as well. I probably need a design notebook, but my decorating budget is about at $0 at the moment!

    • Layers of Learning says:

      I’m right in the middle of decorating my youngest daughter’s bedroom. I know what you mean about the budget – I feel like another trip to Home Depot might just land us in the poorhouse!

  2. Lou Lou says:

    I love this idea. I have a design book too, it’s full of beautiful things I can dream about. It’s so nice to flick through it and get inspiration…

  3. Byn says:

    Ooooh not only another homeschooling mom, but an organizational freak, too? We are a lot alike:) Thanks for stopping by with that fabulous quote and amazing encouragement. I LOVE your designer binder. I always had one for plays, set and costume design when I was doing those!

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