Defense Against The Dark Arts

defense against the dark artsMy kids love Harry Potter, so to make life and learning a little more fun, we do Harry Potter themed things at our house. One of those is Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Defense Against the Dark Arts is the regularly scheduled scripture study that my kids do as a part of their school work.  We call it “Defense Against the Dark Arts” for obvious reasons.  We believe there really is such a thing as evil and we must do certain things to defend ourselves from it; one of those is scripture study.  We read scripture stories together and talk about how our lives should be different because we now know more about God.  We talk about His commandments and how obeying them brings us protection.  We relate it not just to our own lives, but also the peoples we are learning about in history and geography, and in the books we read.  Harry Potter has some obvious themes that relate, but many other stories do as well.

Whatever your religious tradition, you should spend some formal time teaching it to your kids. Whether you have them read your holy words or meditate or pray is up to you, but there is great value in taking care of the spiritual.  This is an area that schools will not and should not enter into, so parents, even if the Sunday school is teaching your kids, you need to do more. Parents have huge influence and the lessons taught at home by the people who love them most are the ones that will have the most impact.

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  1. Barbara Frank says:

    When my son told us he wanted to become a pastor, my husband turned to me and said, "All of those years studying the Bible in our homeschool…."

    Never heard of calling Bible study "Defense Against the Dark Arts" but it sure makes sense!

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