Clay Snowman

All through December we make a fun Christmas or winter craft each afternoon.  We set aside that family time and don’t let other things interfere.  It’s fun to have the time reserved just for my kids and I to hang out and chat while we craft without tv distractions, cell phones ringing, or other busy plans around town.  This little clay snowman was a fun craft that all my kids, big and little really adored.

Clay-SnowmanHere’s what you’ll need:


The scarf is simply yarn that my daughter braided:

Clay-Snowman-(1)And the hat is a condiment cup, like the kind you use at restaurants to hold ketchup, that she colored.

Clay-Snowman-(5)Roll three balls of clay and stack them up.

Clay-Snowman-(2)Next, add eyes.  You don’t need glue.  Just stick them right into the clay.

Clay-Snowman-(7)Put pipe cleaner arms in and place his hat on top of his head.


Then add pom-poms for your other details – a nose, buttons, whatever you’d like.

Clay-Snowman-(9)We also attached holly berry pom poms on to his hat using glue, and wrapped his scarf around his neck.

Clay-SnowmanOur sweet little snowman looks great!  We used air dry clay, so he can last without needing to bake him.  I love a snowman that doesn’t require me bundling up to make with my kiddos!  We had some winter fun inside our warm kitchen.

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