Bringing Lessons To Life…Simply

Sometimes our homeschool days get repetitive.  We fall into the same routine and from time to time start to lose my kids’ interest.  That’s when I know it’s time for bringing lessons to life.

Despite my constant attempts to have school time full of activities, creativity, and learning fun, sometimes I still just can’t seem to keep my kids’ attention. We’ve spent the past few weeks learning about Africa and just had a few little tidbits to finish up. I could tell they were drifting. I could sense small minds wandering. All the hands-on stuff I had planned and it still wasn’t cutting it! I looked down at our lesson on Jane Goodall and knew it needed something more. So I ran upstairs and grabbed a hat, my coat, a pair of binoculars, and a monkey puppet. When I came back to the school room I was no longer Mom…I became Jane Goodall.

Karen as Jane Goodall

I introduced myself in my best British accent (my best is really sad by the way!) and told just a bit about who I was. I also introduced my chimp and let the kids pat him on the head. They asked questions, we chatted, I managed to naturally squeeze in all the bits of information from my lesson plan, and voila–mission accomplished! Bringing our lesson to life made all the difference!

Karen as Jane Goodall with monkey puppet

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