Breakfast Pizza

One of my favorite breakfasts as a kid was breakfast pizza. We could never get enough (who doesn’t love pizza?), and it’s a favorite I learned from my mom as a child and still cook for my family all the time.


You start by making regular bread dough. I put the ingredients into my bread machine at night and use the timer feature so the dough is ready right when I get up in the morning. You can also buy bread dough in the grocery store.  Roll the dough out into a pizza sized circle and put it on your sprayed pizza pan (you can also make a rectangular pizza in a big cookie sheet with a lip or a 9×13 pan for thicker crust).  I used my giant 12″ cast iron skillet with a little oil drizzled in the bottom.  Whatever pan you use, form a lip out of dough all around the edge so the cooking egg won’t spill over and make a mess in your oven.


Now you just add your toppings!  Start with hash browns.  I peel, chop, and fry potatoes, but a bag of frozen hash browns works too–no need to cook them ahead.  But they should be completely thawed or it will take absolutely forever for the center to get hot enough to cook your eggs.


Next add meat.  Cooked breakfast sausage, cooked bacon, ham–any or all are tasty.


Now for the shredded cheese.


Now the scrambled egg mixture.  Don’t cook them, just scramble 6-8 eggs and pour them over the hash browns.  I like to add generous amounts of salt and pepper to my eggs.


If you like you can add extras–my kids are happiest when we stick to the basics, but we love sneaking in goodies like mushrooms, peppers, or anything else you would toss in an omelet… it will taste good.  Trust me.  This time I folded the dough over the edge of the pizza and sprinkled even more cheese on top of all.


Now just bake it at 350 degrees F until the egg is done. The less eggs you use, the faster it will cook. It’s typically between 30 and 50 minutes.   It’s a very forgiving baking time.  I put a knife in the middle and know it’s done when it comes out clean.


Makes a really yummy breakfast!

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