Birthday Favors

Birthday parties at our house are not huge affairs.  The kids get to choose either a family party or a friend party, so we only have friend parties every few years anyway.  Even when we do, we don’t believe in the huge production parties that we frequently see.   The birthday kid gets to choose all the meals we eat that day.  We make a homemade cake (also chosen by the birthday kiddo), play a few fun games, and then open presents. We often have simple themes, but no overdone decorations.  We don’t rent facilities or entertainers or spend a fortune on food.  I think at some point the elaborate parties started being all about the party instead of about the kid it was meant to celebrate.  Makes me sad when people lose sight of what it’s all about.

Although I don’t do elaborate, I like to send home a little birthday favor as a thank you for coming.  I learned long ago that little thank you’s can go a long way in life, and I try never to pass up the opportunity to let others know I’m grateful for them.

Here are three simple take home thank you birthday favors.  I just attach a little personal note expressing thanks for them helping us celebrate.

These chocolate suckers were made in candy molds.  You just melt the chocolate, pour it into the mold, sprinkle some M&M’s on the top for color, and then set the stick in place.  I like to put mine into the fridge so they can harden quickly.  Once they are set up you can slide them into a baggie, attach a ribbon or twist tie, and then use a sticky label to add a personal thank you note.


This thank you birthday favor is just a giant pixie stick with a note made using a circular punch.  Cut out two circles for each stick and then attach them to each other using tape, glue, or a stapler.  These were made by a sweet friend of mine and she sent them home for my kids after a party.


This treat can be made using anything you’d like – food or non-food.  Just get triangular shaped baggies and fill them with anything you want.  Tie them off with a cute ribbon and they’re done.  It looks best if you layer the treats inside.


A simple birthday thank you and a treat all rolled into one – that’s what works for me.

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