Astronaut Birthday Cake

I’m not exactly talented when it comes to forming cake and frosting into a recognizable creation, but it turns out I nailed this astronaut birthday cake for my son’s 7th BIG DAY!  By “nailed” I mean you can actually tell what it’s supposed to be and it turned out reasonably cute.

Astronaut Birthday Cake 2

Start out with two round 8 or 9 inch cakes.  I made Funfetti cake mix from Pillsbury, but the flavor doesn’t matter.

Next you’ll need a batch of sugar cookies.  Make up your favorite recipe and allow it to cool in the fridge for a few hours.  Make gingerbread man shapes and star shapes.  Cook and cool.

Then make up a butter cream (or your favorite) frosting.  No fondant for me, thank you very much.  Eating the cake is at least as important as looking at it.  Plus I don’t have a clue about fondant–even the word makes me uneasy.  I separated the frosting into three parts, one gray, one yellow, and one was left white. You need quite a bit more gray than white or yellow.  You also need a bit of black.  For that I bought the Wilton frosting in a little tube from the cake decorating stuff at WalMart (it’s sold over by the greeting cards/party supplies and also next to the cake mixes and birthday candles).  To get the gray I just squeezed a bit of the black into some white frosting.

Astronaut Birthday Cake

I put the two layers together separated with a lovely layer of strawberry jam (you could do frosting instead), then frosted the whole thing gray.  I added a bit more black to the gray frosting to make the color slightly darker and used a narrow tip cake decorator and a frosting bag to make the crater circles on the moon.  My son’s name became part of the craters.

Then I frosted the star cookies in yellow and the astronauts in white.  I let the frosting harden and dry for about ten minutes then stuck the stars around the cake edge with a bit more gray frosting on the back of them.

The astronauts were given definition with some black lines, defining their clothes and outlining their visors.  Then I filled the visors in with more gray frosting (the visor could also have been completely black).  The astronauts were stood up on the cake.  They have a little help maintaining their upright position with toothpicks at their backs.

The last touch was the American flag planted on the moon.

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    That is great. I love it!

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