A Trip To The Museum (and almost the zoo)

This week we took our kids to a museum at a university near our town. It’s a life science museum that is filled with “stuffed animals” from around the world. They have everything from an elephant to tiny insects and everything in between.

We spent several hours there. Besides just walking around, we also watched several of the display videos, read the informational plaques to the kids, and did lots of talking. We compared species, discussed habitats, and examined food chains. We were amazed at the shear number and diversity of the animal exhibits. We imagined what kind of animal we would create if we could.

A museum is well worth taking the time to seek out. Most communities have some type. Around us there are several museums that celebrate a variety of topics– the history of our town, our geographical region, dinosaurs, art, trains, and various sciences.
The adults and kids were equally entertained and couldn’t have asked for a better family outing. There was no admission charge. We learned a lot, enjoyed conversations with our kids, and will come away with good memories of our afternoon. Our daughter (just turned 6) said, “If these animals were alive, we’d be at the zoo!”

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  1. bec says:

    I LOVE the Bean museum. I've gone there so many times, sometimes with kids, sometimes to draw. Sometimes I drag friends there to draw with me. It's nice because they are real animals, but they hold still for you.

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