2 Ingredient Italian Chicken

This recipe is really about the way you cook the chicken and less about the actual ingredients used.  The secret is boiling the chicken in a frying pan.  This is the key to making it both easy and lighter on calories.  Plus your chicken will come out moist every time.


The Skillet

By the way, the best pans in the world are cast iron skillets.  Non-stick surfaces are garbage (sorry, DuPont, it’s the way it is).  I mean, can you scour a non-stick pan with steel wool or scrape it with a flat ended metal spatula?  I know the idea is that with non-stick you never need to.  That however has not been my experience.  


Cast iron skillets, if seasoned, are non-stick in any case.  Get a cast iron skillet.  You will be happy forever–the amount of time the skillet will last– that you did.

Italian Chicken Recipe

For Italian Chicken you need two ingredients: boneless, skinless chicken pieces and a bottle of Italian dressing.


Pound the chicken pieces flat with a meat mallet before cooking.  This makes the chicken cook faster and makes the meat more tender.


But back to the chicken.  All you do is lay your chicken pieces in your skillet, cover them with water, and pour on your seasonings/sauces/flavorings/etc.  Then you turn the heat up high and let the water boil.  

italian_chicken_4 italian_chicken_3

When the water is nearly boiled off, you turn over the chicken pieces and add another cup or cup and a half of water for cooking the other side.


When the water boils off the second side, your chicken is done, moist, and totally coated with seasonings.


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